Berks STEM Connection Ecosystem

Berks County, Pennsylvania (including the city of Reading)


Berks STEM Connection Ecosystem is focused on providing STEM thinking and learning opportunities for the over 70,000 students in Berks County. Through an alliance of business and industry, post-secondary partners, community organizations, and school districts, Berks STEM Connection Ecosystem is able to the latest innovations in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math together with the pre-k to post-secondary population to ensure a viable, thriving workforce for the future of Berks County.

Key Programs

Consistency: Create a K-12 framework for school districts to align educational opportunities to STEM career pathways; Curriculum: Align Berks STEM Connection activities to PA Standards and ensure integration into the K-12 curriculum; Experiences: Develop work-based learning and postsecondary experiences integrated into the K-12 curriculum; Professional Development: Provide professional development to teachers to serve as conduits for providing STEM education and opportunities; Parent Engagement: Engage and educate parents on STEM thinking and learning as well as assist in post-graduation planning;


  • Oley Valley School District – Jenn Hoffman /Dr. Tracy Shank
  • Kutztown Area School District – Dr. Scott Hand
  • PSU Berks – Dr. Ryan Hassler
  • Reading Area Community College – Jodi Corbett / Dr. Susan Looney
  • Reading Public Museum – Coleen Mikucki / Wendy Koller
  • Berks County Workforce Development Board – Dan Fogarty
  • Berks County Department of Agriculture – Tami Hildebrand
  • Suburban Testing Labs – Sara Kuzma-
  • Stump -Berks Career and Technology Center – Dr. Jim Kraft
  • Berks Business Education Coalition – Dr. Solomon Lausch