Alianza Para Promover la Educación en STEM (APP STEM)



The Alliance to Promote Education in STEM (APP STEM) is an initiative headed by the Business Coordinating Council, the Executive Council of Global Companies and American Chamber in partnership with The Software Alliance (BSA) and with the strategic coordination of Movimiento STEM, A.C. It links the impulse of actions and public policies to integrate a STEM Ecosystem in the country, adding to its cause the private initiative, sector chambers, nonprofits, government, academia, research and innovation centers, entrepreneurial community and national and international non-governmental organizations. Its main objectives are:

  1. Increase the exposure of initiatives related to STEM topics, among the diverse publics of Mexican society, mainly in children, adolescents and youth, parents and guardians, teachers and the school community.
  2. Positioning Education in STEM in the public and social agenda in Mexico by linking key actors and experts in the field to identify needs and best practices, as well as design and scale programs and / or actions for children, adolescents and young people can develop the necessary skills to perform successfully throughout their lives, face the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and detonate innovation and the potential of Mexico.