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STEM Careers + Families: Learning Centers and Museums
Business/Industry Research, Out of School Research, Post-secondary and Training Research

As part of the STEM Next Opportunity Fund’s Family Engagement Project, this case study features the family engagement work of the New York Hall of Science, NYSCI, and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, OMSI. Both NYSCI and OMSI are innovation museums that help families better understand the connection between STEM in museums, in their homes and future career pathways.

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A Whole-Family Approach to Workforce Engagement
Business/Industry Research, Government Research

An argument for a multi-generational approach to human service agency work to include families and children. This will require coordination across agencies to best serve the whole family.

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Pathways to a STEMM Profession
Business/Industry Research, Post-secondary and Training Research

The pathway to a STEMM profession begins at home, due in large measure to domestic environments that influence, intentionally or unintentionally, the educational aspirations of young people. Parental encouragement to participate in scientific, mathematical, and technical activities has an early and powerful impact.

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Pathways to an Engineering Career
Business/Industry Research, Post-secondary and Training Research

Several factors can predict a student’s chances of success with completing an engineering degree in college, including those whose parents strongly pushed the importance of science or math education.

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Expanding Access and Inclusion in STEM through Culturally Responsive Family Engagement
Business/Industry Research, Early Childhood Research, Out of School Research

Girls and youth of color must have roles as creators of technology, and not just its consumers. In order for this to happen, all stakeholders, including out-of-school leaders, must be engaged.

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Principles of Effective Family Engagement
Business/Industry Research, Early Childhood Research, Family Research

There are six principles for effective family engagement, including co-design, two-way communication, reciprocal relationships and systemic family engagement.

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