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Camp registration starts May 18


Send Kids to Virtual Robotics Camps this Summer


The best thing was getting to build my own robot.
I liked how we each shared our robots and how they turned out.


At Home Summer Programs in Robotics & Engineering

Camp: ASPIRE provides options to replace traditional summer enrichment programs like face-to-face summer camps that have been cancelled while giving parents an opportunity to keep their children learning robotics and specialized skills, like problem-solving and engineering, through the summer months.

Using UBTECH Education’s UKIT system, accredited STEM educators will provide week-long virtual robotics sessions throughout the summer.  The experiential, virtual robotics class options will be open to all levels of learners – beginner to more experienced – and cover topics like biomimicry, sensor technology, prosthetics, and even AI application. 

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Camp registration starts May 18

Camp sessions begin June 15 and extend through August 24

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1 Week Beginner Price for Ecosystems 


(Price if purchased through UBTECH – $400) 

1 Week Intermediate Price for Ecosystems


(Price if purchased through UBTECH – $500)

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Intro to Robotics, Coding & Engineering:

Ready to start a journey exploring robots? This is the introduction to learning the basics of programming, engineering and robotics. Students start by building and programming basic robots to do simple tasks and quickly progress to designing more complex robotic creations that will get them excited about engineering. Students learn the basics of programming by developing computational thinking skills through fun, hands-on exploration and troubleshooting in the context of real-world scenarios. This camp is perfect for students who want to jump into robotics and coding in a fun, low-key environment. 

Animal Robots: Designing robots to mimic animal movements

Biomimicry is the concept of using nature as inspiration for building objects, buildings and even robots! In this camp, students are going to use what they can observe in nature as inspiration for a robot they design, build, and program. First students dive into the natural world to hone their skills by becoming a naturalist. Then they see how they can translate their observations through a robot they design and program. Students explore how biology, art, and robots can all be linked. This is the perfect camp for students who may be new to robotics and want to make a big jump into how engineering encompasses multiple disciplines. 

Coding & Sensors: Building robots to interact with the world

People, just like robots, need sensors in order to understand the world. However, the way that robots make sense of their surroundings is different from the way we do. In this camp, students dive into how computers use sensors to make sense of the world. Students will build and program multiple sensors to expand their computational and engineering design thinking skills. Students will participate in multiple activities that challenge them to think like engineers and solve tough problems utilizing robotics. This is the perfect camp for students that want to challenge their engineering skills and learn new ways to use robotics in practical ways.

A Helping Hand: Designing robots to solve problems

While robots can be fun to play with, they can also help solve big real-world problems. From robotic arms that sort recyclables to robots taking temperatures in hospitals, robots can be very useful members of our communities. In this camp, students dive into different applications of robotics and then design a robot to solve a problem. students will creatively think about how they can use robotics for a useful purpose. Working through the engineering design process students will expand their programming skills before prototyping a personally impactful robot. This camp is perfect for the student that wants to use their engineering skills to contribute to their communities!


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UBTECH Robotics and STEM Ecosystems have partnered to fill a need in the seemingly ever-changing summer 2020 landscape.  

STEM Ecosystems seeks to bring meaningful and experiential STEM experiences to students. Many STEM Learning Ecosystems have been working with UBTECH products and have been searching for summer offerings that would engage students while giving them a robot of their very own to fuel learning. 

The UBTECH-STEM Learning Ecosystems partnership is grounded in the desire to bring the experience to as many students as possible, through scholarships, and to also provide funding to enable individual ecosystems to continue to serve their communities.

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