Research & Reports

Research & Reports

Check out the latest research and reports in the STEM field:

Johns Hopkins University Study finds that black students who have at least one black teacher in elementary school are significantly more likely to graduate (Johns Hopkins University)

Having at least one black teacher in third through fifth grades reduced a black student’s probability of dropping out of school by 29 percent, the study found. For very low-income black boys, the results are even greater – their chance of dropping out fell 39 percent.

Making for change: becoming community engineering experts (CAISE)

Results of a two-year project to test an equity-driven approach to community-based “making space programs and pedagogies” with youth from historically marginalized communities.

Solving the STEM Shortage (Eduventures)

Colleges of education play an important role to play in supplying STEM teachers to the education field, but this recent survey shows that those programs are likely to continue experiencing difficulty recruiting STEM educators. Nearly a third of the Education Majors are planning to study early childhood or elementary education. Only 14% express interest in one of the federally reported shortage areas: special education, math, science, English as a second language (ESL), and bilingual education.