Research and Reports

Research and Reports

Check out the latest research and reports in the STEM field:

Classroom Technology: Where Schools Stand

This special report from Education Week investigates the impact technology is having in K-12 schools as digital learning tools flood classrooms across the country. The report reveals that technology is failing to reach its full potential in K-12 schools, despite the rapid infusion of new devices and technologies into the classroom. An analysis of federal data from the Education Week Research Center examines schools’ access to high-speed internet, passive vs. active uses of technology, and teacher training needs.

Addressing the Gender Gap in STEM Education and Proficiency

Research from EY and Junior Achievement shows that 54% of boys intend to prepare for their “dream jobs” by learning technology skills, in comparison with 27% of girls.

US Chamber of Commerce Report: Learning to Work, Working to Learn

Companies in major industries report that they are unable to grow and compete: 49% have unfilled job openings,1 and 37% can’t take on new business.2 In contrast, 96% of chief academic officers believe that college graduates are well prepared. Only 11% of business leaders agree. These statistics beg the question: How do we set students up for success so that they can complete degree programs that lead to promising career pathways?

Future Workforce Survey

The McGraw-Hill Education 2017 Future Workforce survey captures more than 5,000 college students’ hopes, worries, and opinions about their preparedness for future careers.