News You Can Use and Resources

News You Can Use and Resources

The latest in national STEM news:

Internationally, U.S. Students Are Falling (Associated Press)
The 2015 Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA, study provides a global snapshot of student performance. The results show declining math scores in the U.S. and stagnant performance in science and reading. This is the latest study to document that American students are underperforming compared to their peers in several Asian nations.

 Op-Ed: Computer Science Education Week Isn’t Enough (U.S. News & World Report)
Vince Bertram and Justina Nixon-Saintil assert Computer Science Education Week is a great jumping-off point into computer programming and an incredible motivator, but it’s just the beginning of what’s possible for students.

 White House Boosts CSforAll Commitments for Computer Science Education Week (THE Journal)
The largest commitment comes from the National Science Foundation, which will invest $20 million in FY17 in CSforAll: Researcher Practitioner Partnerships (RPP). The program was created to study how to provide K-12 teachers with the “preparation, professional development and ongoing support” they need to teach and integrate computer science and computational thinking into their classrooms.

 Supply of U.S. high school graduates is stagnating, posing challenge for colleges (Washington Post)
The nation’s total output of high school graduates peaked in 2013 at nearly 3.5 million and is projected to stagnate for most of the next decade, but the Hispanic share is expected to boom, according to a new report.

 Students Engage With Scientists at ‘Teen Science Cafes’ (Education Week)
Informal “teen science cafes” in 27 states bring young people together with professional scientists outside of school to discuss newsworthy topics in the field.


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