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News You Can Use

The latest in national STEM news:

Seven ways to cultivate delight in schools (EdWeek)

Currently, I am exploring the paradox of responsibility and delight.  As educators, we hold one in each hand.  I wonder how we can balance both the responsibility with the delight? Theologian and philosopher Abraham Joshua Heschel said, “Life is routine and routine is resistance to wonder.”  While I don’t think he was discussing schools, the quote applies. Our standardized tests, data-driven classrooms, and hierarchical structures are creating far more routine and responsibility than wonder and delight.

Nine unexpected factors that impact school success (Business Insider)

Kids are under a lot of pressure to make the most of their education. And while good teachers and healthy study habits no doubt help kids get better grades, so do a slew of factors out of students’ control. Boosts can come from something as simple, yet vital, as a clean pair of clothes; or instilling in kids a mindset that tilts toward growth instead of rigidity. This article discusses some of the more unexpected things that help students succeed.

Do Parents see math as less useful than reading? (EdWeek)

A survey last month of more than 2,500 parents found that they generally rank math and science as lower in importance and relevance to their children’s lives than reading. “Nobody is proud to say, ‘I can barely read,’ but plenty of parents are proud to stand up and say, ‘I can barely do math, I didn’t grow up doing well in math, and my kid’s not doing well in math; that’s just the way it is.’”