Who can apply?

The STEM Funders Network is inviting communities to apply for this opportunity. All communities, regardless of the stage of their ecosystem development, are required to fully complete the application process to participate in this national initiative. Please note: Only one application from each community will be accepted. Our intent is for invited communities to organize stakeholders and coordinate one application.

Interested applicants from outside the continental United States, please contact us at info@stemecosystems.org. They will be reviewed by a case-by-case basis.

I’ve heard about the STEM Learning Ecosystems Initiative Application, where can I download a copy?

Review the Overview. You can also download the application packet here.

I reviewed the Application and discussed the Initiative with my collaborative partners. How can we apply?

The STEM Funders Network will invite communities to apply. The application process includes:

  1. Complete the brief Interest Form
  2. Participate in two STEM Learning Ecosystems informational webinars (visit the Overview to register for the webinars)
  3. Upon invitation, complete the online application. A password will be provided to invited Ecosystems. 

Applications are due by 5:00pm PT on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

I just learned about this Initiative. I don’t think I have all the right stakeholders at the table according to the criteria, should I apply?

The STEM Funders Network is excited to hear about your efforts and emerging relationships with your cross-sector partners. As you can see outline in our Overview.

In addition, join our technical assistance webinar to learn more about the Initiative and the application process. For more information, review the application packet.

When will the selections be made?

Visit the Overview for the timeline. Selection announcement will be made at the US News STEM Solutions Conference in San Diego, CA, May 24-25, 2017.

Is this a grant program?

This is not a grant program but an opportunity for communities to join nearly 40 other STEM Learning Ecosystems in a National Community of Practice and two years of individualized technical assistance and coaching. (Review Part III Participation Requirements in the Application Packet)

What happens after two years of participation?

Beginning in Year Three, communities will remain members of the National Community of Practice with all participants’ benefits at membership cost, $2,000. (Review Initiative Approach in the Application Packet)